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You are so precious, so worth your own love, compassion, and understanding.

The Diamond is You, Love...

If you're like most of my clients,

You've read self-help books, watched the youtube videos, gone to workshops, googled about self-love, tried to figure it out yourself, or maybe even worked with a therapist. But, you are:

 Even more confused about how to love yourself 

 Smart & think you should've figured it out by now
 Hard on yourself no matter how much you do your best

 Doubting and second-guessing yourself

 People pleasing and abandoning yourself & your needs

 Unhappy with your body and/or parts of your life

 Convinced you'll love yourself when you DO+BE more   

 Trying to prove yourself to others 

 Insecure and not fully self-expressed

 Not sure the difference between thoughts + intuition

 A little anxious and unable to relax without feeling guilty

 Saying yes too often + taking on too much (overwhelm)

 Sure you may be asking for too much & settle for less 

 Uncomfortable with compliments, praise, attention

 Using food, tv, substances, shopping, etc. to distract yourself 
away from your uncomfortable emotions. 

You are pretty accomplished in some ways that others admire, however, you're just not completely happy with yourself.


You would love to understand how to love yourself. You just don't know how.

You're ready to venture beyond traditional talk therapy.

You're ready to do the REAL inner work that will actually get you RESULTS that will make your life BETTER.

You’re smart, productive, and successful. You have so much love to give but have a hard time giving it to yourself. You're simply missing some key skills for how to love and be there for yourself through everything in life.



The real problem is that your parents, teachers, culture, society, and tv you grew up watching did NOT teach you about self-love. These left you with unrealistic, disempowering, fantasy-like ideas about how to love yourself.

And if you’re like most women, your parents didn't even talk to you about sex or your period. 


You feel like you’re MISSING something but don’t know what the heck it is. You know you're a good person. 

Another problem is that you’ve been trying to figure it out on your own and venting to friends... which doesn't provide you with high-level guidance, personalized feedback, and solutions for your specific situation. 

If you’ve been doing talk therapy, kudos to you for your commitment to your healing. Revisiting your past is an important part of healing initially. This is the aim of therapy.


The next phase of your healing requires not just discussing your past, but also creating a new FUTURE. This is the aim of coaching.

Let's write you a brand new Self-Love story.

There's nothing wrong with you...


Imagine what it would feel like to

Get to the bottom of what's not working and learn exactly how to change it in months (not years)
Raise your self-love & self-confidence to new heights you didn't even know existed 
Express your needs, wants, standards, and upsets calmly with power and grace so you feel heard and supported. 
Feel absolutely confident in your enoughness, lovability, and value so you never have to compromise or settle for less.
Know the difference between thoughts and intuition, between healthy and toxic people, so you don't waste time with the wrong people.
Learn how to deal with any emotion or challenge effectively and become masterful at transforming any situation into a blessing.

Schedule a Consult or Session With Me!

We will identify your love blocks and show you how my self-love attraction method can help you love yourself more than you ever thought possible and attract into your life the good you deserve.

P.S. I reserve some sliding-scale spots in my calendar for seriously committed people who are ready for deep inner work but need a little financial assistance to make this happen.

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