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RTT Hypnotherapy Sessions


Overcome profound personal issues super fast,

with a method that has made a significant difference for countless A-list clients that include international superstars, CEO's,

Royalty, and Olympic athletes in just 1-3 sessions!



Carrie, 62, from Davis, CA was a shy, withdrawn person who never felt she had a voice her entire life.


As the youngest of 5 kids, she had to compete for attention from her older siblings and was often told to be quiet. Everyone's needs always came before hers. She felt helpless and invisible.

Interestingly enough, Carrie had been in a 20+ year career in which she could not utter a single word, all while documenting everyone's voice. She was a court transcriber. 

After her 1st RTT hypnosis session, she came to life! Two months later she led a 25 person workshop on how to have a voice.

More results from clients

after 1 RTT session:

  • Susie had money issues all her life, which stemmed from watching her parents fight about money. 3 weeks after her session she had a $7000 week.

  • Blaire had terrible insomnia since he was 5 years old. It would take him hours to fall asleep. 3 weeks after his session he's consistently falling asleep within 15min. The root cause of the insomnia was related to feeling he did not have control over his life as a child.

  • Emma had unexplainable swelling & pain in her throat and body and couldn't fit into her clothes. All tests resulted normal and her doctors could not figure it out. The day after her session the swelling had gone down by 95%. One year later, her progress remains. The root cause was not having a voice due to being judged by her mother growing up, so her body was shouting what she wasn't saying with her voice. A 2nd session resulted in putting herself 1st instead of others for the first time in her life.

  • Gloria felt invisible & without a voice all her life. She was quiet, a people-pleaser, not wanting to disagree with anyone to avoid conflict. As the youngest of 5, trying to have a voice was nearly impossible among her siblings. After her session, she described her experience as an awakening and realized that she was not invisible. She found herself liberated and the first time in her life, she began sharing her thoughts and opinions with others, even if they were different.

  • Margarette was unclear about her career direction, she felt stuck, confused and with zero motivation. The root cause was due to never feeling loved by her mother. A few weeks after her session she was crystal clear about her life purpose and had massive motivation toward it. The result was starting a business that took off in incredible ways. And for the first time, her mother told her she loved her and how proud she was of her for following her heart.

  • Ava had been working on her 1st book for years. She wanted to publish it but was paralyzed at the thought. She felt blocked and stuck. After her session, she began moving forward with full power, publishing her book later that year.

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Marisa Peer in her best interview, talking about her RTT approach to rapid healing, how the mind works, how to gain power in your life, and so much more. 

Marisa Peer
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