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My Response to the Current Outrage

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

What happens with oppressed parts of us is what’s happening in the world right now.

My response to the injustice
My response to inequality. Photo by Emmanuelle Blanc

Outrage. Rising up. A great demand to be heard & seen. It’s time to listen to what can no longer be ignored.

Just as every hurt part of us needs our support to heal, the people who have been feeling oppressed for far too long deserve a voice, deserve the justice and equality they’ve been denied.

It’s time for the change so many of us have known is needed. It’s time for everyone - regardless of color or upbringing - to have the same opportunity to learn, to grow, and to dedicate themselves to the quality of work and life they envision for themselves.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their purpose.

Everyone deserves access to a good quality of life with basic needs met, free of racism & oppression. We are all equal. It is the social constructs born out of prioritizing profits over people that are at the very source of the inequality so many are fighting against now.

The lid on the insanity that has been ruling has been blown off and shred to pieces. The people will no longer be silenced. The rage has exceeded its containment. Silence has reached its limit.


My family was devastated by the contra war funded and armed by the US, who trained people to fight each other on their own land. In hopes of giving me the opportunity for a better quality of life with more opportunities, my mother gave up the life she knew back home in Nicaragua. We crossed the desert into the States when I was almost 4. Risky business.

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who leave family members hoping to make American dollars to send money back home never make it

through the 80-mile journey through the desert, which can take between 7 and 10 days. There are plenty of stories of people being fed the worst canned food and not having enough water to drink. This is no experience any child would ask for.

By the time I was 5, my mother, siblings and I lived on the streets of LA. I was cold sometimes. We ate at soup kitchens for the most part. I watched my mother asking strangers for money for her asthma medicine, and to be able to eat at a taco joint that didn't smell like a crowded hall of homeless people who hadn't showered in months.

I'd cry when I didn't like the soup kitchen food. My mom would remind me that if I didn't eat it I'd go hungry later. Adding hunger to the discomfort of sleeping on a hard cold sidewalk was not something I wanted to add insult to, so I begrudgingly ate the sludge on my compartmentalized worn out plastic cafeteria tray like the ones in movies with lunch scenes in prisons.

My 4th birthday living w/my grandma in LA

Sometimes we got lucky and got some passes to stay a few nights at a women's shelter. It was hell right smack in the middle of skid row, full of high or mentally ill women talking to themselves. I dreaded having to go to the bathroom because the row of toilets were doorless and exposed to women shooting up or smoking crack in the opposite corner.

I would beg my mother to stand in front of me for privacy.

By the time I was 14, having lived on and off on the streets of LA since the age of 5, I hit a breaking point with the mental dysfunction of my own mother turning against me – likely from her own unexpressed rage from all the selflessness and suffering she had endured to try to provide for me a better existence than a war ridden impoverished country could ever offer me in my lifetime.

This dark moment pushed me to my own desperation that led to stuffing myself with handfuls of pills.

I've worked my little tush off to begin to do justice to the massive sacrifices my mother made to bring me to this country. Firstly, by becoming obsessed with my own psychological and emotional healing and secondly, by making my life's work all about helping other women do the same.

As just one of countless people all over the world who was NOT born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but had nothing else to hold onto other than the short end of the stick,

- I can tell you firsthand, that oppression is the source of so many emotional and psychological effects that cause a lot of pain and desperate actions, which are treated with pharmaceutical drugs, criticism, racism, abuse, welfare, inequality, and even prison.

These damaging reactions toward people at the bottom of the socio-economic structure are the reactions of the very system that created said structure for inequality to thrive in, in the first place.

Until the REAL issue of oppression and inequality are faced and resolved, the symptoms of crime in society will continue to rise until a peak of outrage bursts at the seams of society. And that, my friend, is where the cards have landed now.

Don't look at the symptoms. Look at the causes of them. This applies not only to the collapsing structure around us, but

also to the process of healing our emotional, psychological, and physical wounds.

I would love to live in a world full of leaders with emotional intelligence, who prioritize the wellbeing of ALL people and the planet over profits.

If the resources and wherewithal exist to explicitly choose to rob so many of our fellow brothers and sisters of their own dignity and a fair chance of a quality life AND if the powers of organization exist to plunder our Earth home for just a handful of people to benefit from – then it is CLEAR that the very same resources can be better used to create the equality we all deserve.

In this new world I would love to live in, no human being in the world would ever go hungry, cold, or lonely. Every person would have access to healthy food, water, healthcare, and safe shelter.

You deserve care & love because you EXIST.

It means corporations and governments would have true separation of powers.

People running for office would be required to pass an emotional intelligence test that shows their ability for empathy and a commitment to protect the wellbeing of ALL people and the planet.

In this new world no one would be afraid for their lives because of the color of their skin.

Prisons and war would not be profit making machines. The people and organizations that are already profiting from each economic collapse would not receive bailouts paid

for by the people's who's pockets were picked in broad daylight.

In this new world, schools would educate our children with the emotional intelligence and self-understanding they need to become the leaders of a better tomorrow that gives everyone the opportunity to rise and to contribute their part to the whole of life.

This is the kind of world I would love to live in. This is the kind of world I stand for.

Latin woman with a voice

Thanks for tuning in... Until next time,

Gemini Ferrie Rosegold M

I'm most fascinated by love. Romantic love, self-love, and emotional intelligence. My ideal clients are vision-driven leaders with a commitment to self-mastery. They are over-achievers who always feel they could be doing more, who work too much because they love what they do, but after each accomplishment wonder 'is this it?' Regardless of all their achievements they still secretly have impostor syndrome sometimes. They're often single (or in unfulfilling relationships) & puzzled by emotions and love, as logic is their strong suit. If this sounds like you, we should have a conversation...


I love this meditation from Michael Beckwith during a recent Sunday service, that connects us to the role we're called to at this time. (it's the 1st video)

What are you meant to be, do, and say to play your unique part for a better future? Your voice is needed now more than ever.

*Please Share. Thank you very much.

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