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...whether you're single or in a relationship...
It's time to fall in LOVE with yourself & your life.
Overcome love blocks, confusion, ins
ecurity about love.

Radical self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence awaits.

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10 Mistakes





The Diamond is You, Love...
Be my next Success Story

Here's just a short list out of 100's of happy clients since 2012, who went from hopeless and lost to falling in love with themselves and building extraordinary confidence & power in their love lives.

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The search is over. Welcome home, love.

Here's my message to you about love and what we will
accomplish in our 1st coaching session: The Complete Love & Self-Love Assessment.

avoid spending $93,600* or more 

   in weekly venting sessions the next 10 years by figuring out

your love life in just 6 months for just a small fraction of the price
 *based on $180 weekly therapy sessions over 10 years


So many women confess to getting MORE insight in our 1st

coaching session than from the decade or years

of therapy they previously did.  

Crazy, right? So if you're ready for super fast growth, you are in the right place.

this is the new profoundly illuminating

non-clinical approach to healing & understanding love.

Based on a unique love, growth, and fun coaching strategy.

here is the love & self-love education

your parents and teachers did not give you.

*These are very normal results my clients consistently create

in my custom-tailored 6-month Love Mastery Program, which gives

you a clear idea of what's possible for you when we work together.


*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*

*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*


If you're like most of my clients,

You've read the books, watched the youtube videos, secretly googled about love & dating endlessly, and maybe even worked with a therapist or took an online course. But, you are:

  Even more confused about love & how it works

  Secretly wondering if there's something wrong with you
  Starting to worry you may not find someone in time

  More afraid of ending up alone with each passing month

You're tired of trying to figure it out on your own and have considered giving up on love altogether because after all, you are highly independent and self-sufficient anyway, so it's not like you need a man.


But you would love to be in a relationship.

You just don't know how to make that happen.

It feels like you've tried everything and you're skeptical of anything or anyone being able to help you at this point.

As you look at all the before + after client successes,

are you hopeful & inspired, yet thinking to yourself :

other people can have love, but not me because:


      1) All the good ones are taken            6) It would've happened already

      2) I've tried & failed every time           7) I'm afraid of losing my freedom

      3) I'm not attracted to anyone            8) I'm not (pretty, thin, feminine) enough

      4) My success intimidates men          9) The kind of partner I want doesn't exist

      5) It's probably too late at my age     10) I'm too broken & have too much baggage

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Karen's review on yelp:

There's nothing wrong with you...

You’re smart, productive, successful, you have so much love to give. You may even know you’re a great catch, but you keep attracting unavailable men (or no men) and are baffled by the fact that you’re still freakin single. Arggh. 



The real problem is that your parents, teachers, culture, society, and the tv you grew up watching did not teach you about real love. These left you with unrealistic, disempowering, fantasy-like ideas about relationships.

And if you’re like most women, your parents didn't even talk to you about sex or your period. You’ve had no choice but to go through life guessing how the f*ck love works. And when it doesn’t work, you make it mean something bad or wrong about you. Or, you blame the men.


You feel like you’re MISSING something but don’t know what the heck it is. Love may feel like a puzzle or a mystery that cannot be solved.

Another problem is that you’ve been trying to figure it out on your own through ruminating, googling for answers, and asking friends for advice... - which doesn't provide you with the high-level guidance, personalized feedback, and solutions for your specific situation. 

If you’ve been doing talk therapy, kudos to you for your commitment to your healing. Revisiting your past is an important part of healing initially. This is the aim of therapy.


The next phase of your healing requires not just discussing your past, but also creating a new future. This is the aim of coaching.


*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*

*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*

Can I be real with you right now? Let's not beat around the bush here. You're not getting any younger.


And if you want kids, that clock is ticking. I don't want you to miss out on this or any other precious thing your heart dreams of.


Typically, the older you get, the harder it is to be vulnerable with someone or to trust them fully, as you've become too accustomed to living a highly self-sufficient life.

The older you get the more self-sufficient you become, which isn't a bad thing. Self-sufficiency, however, tends to have a lot of self-protection built into it.


This can make it hard to trust someone new and be vulnerable, which gets in the way of the intimacy and connection you want.

On the flip side, maybe you get too close too quickly to whoever shows interest in you, lowering your standards out of fear of not finding someone else or someone better. 

At times you may feel you're doing everything right but not getting the results you want, which doesn't make sense because you're so freakin capable and smart at work.


When the disappointments of your love life (or lack thereof) drain you of your energy and power, your confidence can begin to diminish in other areas of your life.


To compensate, you may try to prove your worth by working or doing MORE to stay busy. But there's only so much fulfillment in achievement. As a recovering over-achiever, I know what that's like.


The thing is, busyness, netflix, social media, food, wine, or whatever, is no longer able to keep you distracted from the sadness, loneliness, and self-doubt that may be under the go-go-go lifestyle.

At times you might even avoid friends and family so you don't have to talk about why you're still single and how you feel about that. This decision to isolate keeps love out of your heart even more.


You know that if these undeniably painful emotions don't get dealt with, they're going to threaten your performance and stability in the ONE place you have so much success: your career.


Or maybe it already has. That can't be good. 

You certainly don't want to give up on yourself or love. AM I RIGHT?


So here you are, bold and courageous enough to find the high-level PRO

mentorship you know you require.


Because that's what ambitious, driven women do.

When MORE achievement is not enough to feel good, to feel valuable, and to cover up the emptiness inside, it's time to dig in with a lot of love & compassion.

Let's write you a brand new love story.

Let me tell you why you can't afford

to go on like this

why now

*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*

*Gallery - HOVER over image below & CLICK on white ARROW*

Get to the bottom of what's not working and learn exactly how to change it in months (not years)
Raise your self-love & self-confidence to new heights you didn't even know existed (which completely transforms your relationship to men, love and most importantly you)
Express your needs, wants, standards, and upsets calmly with power and grace so you feel heard and supported. 
Feel absolutely confident in your enoughness, lovability, and value so you never have to compromise or settle for less.
Know the difference between lust and genuine love, between someone healthy or toxic, so you don't waste time with the wrong person.
Learn how to deal with any emotion or challenge effectively and become masterful at transforming any situation into a blessing.

Imagine what it would feel like to

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for you

You're in the Right Place if...

You feel you're doing everything right and not getting the Results, or you know your issues but don't know how to fix them.

If you're really serious about growing and evolving massively in the Shortest time possible, I'm probably the Right mentor for you.

This is not the slowest or cheapest option, so if that's what you're looking for, traditional therapy may be a good start for you. 


This is the Smart, efficient option for High-Performers and Over-Achievers who already know career success and won't be satisfied with anything less than the Highest Vision & Fulfillment of themselves in all areas of life. 


You Value investing in the Fast Track to success. 


Schedule a Consult or Session With Me!

We will identify your love blocks and show you how my self-love attraction method can help you love yourself more than you ever thought possible and attract your dream man within a year.


Let's Talk, Love 


questions, collaboration requests, interview or speaking invitations?


book your free consult above

through my calendar

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Thank you so much for reaching out!


Hi, I'm Gemini Ferrie!

dating advice for spiritual women

Since 2011 I've been supporting high-level women like you to WIN in your love life by helping you identify exactly what's getting in the way and helping you resolve it asap. 


When women feel enough, worthy, valuable and loved, we have even greater power to make the positive difference we're meant to make in our worlds.

We all have that area of life that comes easy to us because it's where we've invested the most energy, time, and resources for mastery. 


For me, that's love. I understand what works and what doesn't, how to fail, and how to succeed. I've done both a lot and and I dedicated myself to sharing my powerful insights with women like you.

Marrying my husband in 2016! 

Here's my story

and how I came to be a Love Coach for Women


My mom chased her boyfriend across the living room with a knife. Around the same time, I heard about war for the first time. I was 5 and thought to myself, "why don't they just talk about it?" It seemed obvious that verbal and physical violence was completely unnecessary.


This was the first sign of my purpose, which is about being a lifetime student and mentor of love, self-love, effective solution-oriented communication, and dealing with our own emotions with loving kindness.

Growing up as the oldest of 5 kids to a single mother was tough. People thought I'd never amount to anything, but I always knew in my being, that I came here with a purpose to make a difference in this world by helping others.

I've overcome depression, sexual abuse, divorce, multiple confusing relationships with narcissists, the loss of my mentally ill mother at the same time my fiance and I were separating, the pain of not knowing my father, and these are just some highlights.

The super painful upbringing life gifted me gave me an intense hunger for healing, getting free of suffering, and knowing my authentic self -which brought me to personal development in 2001 and it has been the main focus of my life since then.

The last straw that made me give up on love happened after a deeply dissatisfying sexual experience with my emotionally abusive narcissistic boyfriend, who told me that I was responsible for my orgasms, not him. WTF! I gave him EVERYTHING. I (thought I) did EVERYTHING right. And he still didn't love me.

I decided love happened for some people but not for me. I sobbed all the way to work that day, completely disillusioned with life and love. For the first time ever, I realized that I had to learn to be happy, WITHOUT a man. Radical new concept for me.

In between my 45/hr a week job and selling homemade cookies to pay for my 2-year graduate program in spiritual psychology at USM, I dove deep into myself to get to the bottom of how on earth such a GREAT catch like myself ended up with such a douchebag. I shed decades of emotional pain from my past.


After going through a profound healing that got me to the bottom of why my love life was not working, I met my husband. We're now in our 10th year of being in a soul-evolutionary partnership that continues to teach us so much about love, togetherness, and the gift and sacredness of commitment at this level.

The pain of ending up in so many disappointing relationships with people who seemed right for me and the frustration of making the same mistakes over and over again were the BLESSINGS in disguise that lead to the greatest healing of my life...


That of growing deeply in love, respect, and integrity with myself so I would no longer compromise, no matter how in love, how great the sex, or how nice it feels for someone to say ALL the right things. This is true POWER. I want this for you.

And now I want to help YOU heal, 

find peace with yourself and your past,

fall in love with yourself,

own your worth fully,

and understand how love works

so you can date confidently,

say NO to the wrong ones

and save your YES for the right one.

love coach for single women

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My Evolutionary Journey 

I am a graduate of the spiritual psychology master's program at the University of Santa Monica. USM defines spiritual psychology as "The study and practice of the art and science of human evolution in consciousness."

My personal and professional path has also included the following mentors: Insight Seminars, Deer Tribe sweat lodges, Niurka Inc. NLP, Dr. Demartini, Dr. Mark Waldman, Marisa Peer's RTT Hypnosis, Mary Morrissey coaching training, Brooke Castillo, Brendon Burchard, Rich Litvin, David Bayer, John Assaraf, Amma, Francesca Gentille tantra studies, Landmark Education, Vipassana silent meditation retreats, South American Indigenous plant medicine. I've mentored under Fleur and Robin Clark to hone my psychic and mediumship skills, and am a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center.


Because my life is dedicated to personal and professional mastery, I often have a few mentors I work with simultaneously, at various capacities.

I am a student of EVERYTHING I teach my clients. Every year I make a 5-figure investment in my own personal development. Therefore, my work is always evolving and deepening to serve your evolution even more powerfully and succinctly.

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